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Pre Made and Finished Mini 8 Coax Cable Jumpers 3FT-100FT

Pre Made Coax Cable Jumpers

Firestik K-8R Coax with PL-259 and Fire Ring Termination in 9 and 18 ft.
Price: $16.99

These cable assemblies are made from our top-quality RG-58A/U, Fire-Flex coaxial cable. They are to be used on any single antenna installation. This includes CB, scanner, 2-meter, and 10 meter.
NMO Coax Cable 2 Meter
List Price: $22.79
Price: $19.95
Savings: $2.84

NMO Coax Cable 2 Meter with 17' cable roof mount
K40 Mini 8 Coax FME to PL-259 (18 Feet)
List Price: $35.95
Price: $25.95
Savings: $10.00

The K4018FME has a special FME connector to aid in the installation of the jumper. It is only slightly larger than the coax dimensions to allow easy access through tight places. When finished, tighten the FME-PL-259 adapter on to finish.
Price: $34.95

The K-8NGP is a tuned coaxial cable assembly that can only be used with special no-ground-plane antennas.
Fire-Flex® 18ft COAXIAL CABLE ASSEMBLY For Dual Antenna Installations
List Price: $37.99
Price: $34.99
Savings: $3.00

Our K-9 co-phase harness utilizes two 18' (5.5m) leads. One end is terminated with a PL-259 type connector to match the connector on your radio and the other two ends are terminated with ring terminals on the center conductors and spade connectors on the shields
Firestik 3-Piece, "EZ-Install" COAXIAL CABLE ASSEMBLY For Dual Antenna Installtions
List Price: $42.99
Price: $39.95
Savings: $3.04

Dual 18ft (5.5m) Leads w/ FireRing Connectors
and Mini-UHF Section Connectors
18ft COAXIAL CABLE ASSEMBLY For Dual Antenna Installations
Price: $39.99

The quality of your communications will never be better than what the quality of your coax. Our dual lead, co-phase harness assemblies are made from our RG-59A/U, Fire-Flex coaxial cable. They may be used on any dual antenna installation
JSC Wire 3770 RG213/U Black Coaxial Cable
Price: $89.95