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General HP 40W 10 Meter radio
The General HP 40W is a good all around radio that has built the General lee. over 100 watts of PEP Power this radio will run with the big dogs and it won't break the bank. The General HP 40W is VERY much like the Connex 4400HP, but better! With features like Switchable Talkback, Hi/Lo power, Echo/Reverb, AM/FM Modes,Built in amp for 100 Watts of Power!!

List Price: $399.95
Our Price: $259.95
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Super Star 121
The Super Star 121 is an simple, easy to use import with a couple of extras. Features high and low channels and is considered one of the more reliable radios on the market.

List Price: $179.95
Our Price: $119.95
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Connex 10 Meter Radio 3400HP
The Connex 3400 is considered to be an updated version of the 3400. The power is the same but has some visual features that are different than the 3300. It comes with a larger square meter and a color changing display that you control.

List Price: $279.95
Our Price: $249.95
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Connex CB Radio 3600HP
The Connex 3600HP has more power than most people know what to do with. Because of the reliability that people expect from Connex, the color changing display, and it's awesome power; it's no wonder that the Connex 3600HP is always in high demand.

List Price: $379.95
Our Price: $339.94
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Connex 4400 Turbo 10 Meter Radio
The Connex 4400 Turbo is one of the more powerful Connex radios on the market. Since Connex discontinued the 4300-300 the 4400 Turbo and 3600HP have tried to take it's place. Compared to the 3600HP it is a little more simple and easier to use. It's also not as flashy.

List Price: $375.95
Our Price: $311.95
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Galaxy DX-44HP 10 Meter radio
Back by popular demand, this version of the “44” has all the features missing from our DX 33HP2 and the copycat models it has inspired. It even has ten features the old DX44V did not have.

List Price: $274.95
Our Price: $249.95
Sale Price: $239.95
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Galaxy CB Radio DX-94HP
The DX-94HP comes with a Large Meter with Scales for Signal Strength and Power Output. The DX-94HP also comes with a Large Frequency Counter, eliminating the need for wiring in an external meter.

List Price: $439.95
Our Price: $349.95
Sale Price: $339.95
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Galaxy 10 Meter Radio DX-98VHP
Galaxy's top of the line amateur radio. The DX-98VHP features a 6 digit frequency counter, side band, echo and voice changer.

List Price: $495.95
Our Price: $429.95
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Magnum Raptor New MK II
NEW! Magnum Raptor MK II 10 Meter AM/FM Mobile Amateur Tranceiver - Dual Power 80 & 25 Watts PEP. Video review below.

List Price: $259.95
Our Price: $224.95
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Ranger SuperStar VR-9000 (Voyager)- 10 Meter Radio
Ranger Voyage VR-9000 - 10 Meter Radio

List Price: $284.95
Our Price: $229.95
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