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Connex 10 Meter Radio 3300HP
List Price: $259.95
Price: $219.95
Sale Price: $199.95
Savings: $60.00

Connex 3300 HP 10 meter 40 Channel AM/FM radio now with blue LED channel display! Updated with a front mounted microphone jack and blue LED channel display the Connex remains to be one of the most popular radios on the road. Quality and reliability.
Connex 10 Meter Radio 4300 HP
Back Order
List Price: $329.95
Price: $229.95
Savings: $100.00

Previously discontinued, Connex has brought back the 4300. Featuring a simplistic design for easy use it has much of the same features as the 3300 but with a little more power. The Connex 4300 is a great alternative if you're a fan of the 3300 but looking for about 70 Watts Pep.
Connex 10 Meter Radio 3400HP
List Price: $299.95
Price: $259.95
Sale Price: $239.95
Savings: $60.00

The Connex 3400 is considered to be an updated version of the 3400. The power is the same but has some visual features that are different than the 3300. It comes with a larger square meter and a color changing display that you control.
Connex 10 Meter Radio 4400 Turbo
List Price: $375.95
Price: $299.95
Savings: $76.00

The Connex 4400 Turbo is one of the more powerful Connex radios on the market. Since Connex discontinued the 4300-300 the 4400 Turbo and 3600HP have tried to take it's place. Compared to the 3600HP it is a little more simple and easier to use. It's also not as flashy.
Connex 10 Meter Radio 3600HP
Currently Unavailable
List Price: $379.95
Price: $318.95
Savings: $61.00

The Connex 3600HP has more power than most people know what to do with. Because of the reliability that people expect from Connex, the color changing display, and it's awesome power; it's no wonder that the Connex 3600HP is always in high demand.